MODEL yang hidup susah !

Sorang model fotografi, Bebo Wiwin menulis kisah hidupnya dilaman facebook miliknya baru-baru ini. Dizaman kecil beliau berkerja sebagai pengangkut air dan diberi upah 50cent untuk membeli roti dan air soya untuk ibu dan adik-adik !

Beliau pernah tinggal disebuah stor tanpa lantai - tidur atas pasir je pada umur 5tahun. Bayangkan lah macamne tu. Tak hairan lah bila besar dia usaha untuk ubah hidup dan jadi model yang berjaya sejak dari umur 18 tahun!

Siapa Bebo Wiwin?

" Bebo Wiwin is the most popular photography's model from Malaysia. She was born in Alor Setar, Malaysia on 13 April 1992. Derived from the poor and lower-class family and started her career as a model in Malaysia since 2007 by joining SP Model Agency. Claim to support her family has taken her to the pinnacle of success modeling in Asia.
In early of her career, most of the job was offered are unpaid mode as to compiling the portfolio and personal learning process. While she struggled to pay the medical expanse for her mother at this moment, she had been working hard to archived the money as claim to save her mother from the chronic disease. The hardness was drive her to the multiple job offering especially in GT Japan Event, Hot Night Fever in KL and Hot Import Night in KL as Race Queen which these are first payment job in her modeling career.
After the few months, she was offering for first class studio's photo shoot which had chosen to be an important talent as "Monalisa" character in the Lighting Expect Tuition in Kuala Lumpur. The event was handled by Shutterspade Photo Studio ; the most popular photography studio in Malaysia. After look up on the few beautiful of art photo of Bebo Wiwin, The Kentcmodel Agency was interested to take her as ambassador for Club 22, Malaysia for a year of contract. She also be the cover girl for Philippine's entertainment magazine; Redlook for their seventh-edition. She also a paid dancer for the most of Malaysian government and private event such as Le Tour de Langkawi, Malaysian Ambang's Merdeka Event, and Kuala-Lumpur-Shanghai Cultural Dance Event. In the end of 2010, Bebo Wiwin was nominated as Asian Princess in XTop Model Search at Kuala Lumpur and the event was up the publicity of Bebo Wiwin as the photography's model.
A photographer from Singapore, Justin Langford which collaborate with a professional photographer from United States of America was choose Bebo Wiwin as the main talent in their Forbiden Angel Art. The photography style is more to the art passion and was published among the Asia's country in the middle of 2011. Along in her career which starting from 2007-2012, she was collaborate with about 668 of local and international photographer including the Best Asia Photographer; Nurul Suhaimi, The Most Malaysian Popular Photographer; Ted Adnan, The photographer from National Geographic; Danny Lee, The Asian Master Photographer; Andreas Purnama, and others Malaysian photography expected such as Charlie Stoner, Planetz Fidtman, and Ady Tay Images. "


moga dijadikan isnpirasi para gadis di luar sana !


Anonymous said…
wuhuu .... hebatttttt .....
camtik lak tuw ..
Anonymous said…
Another inspiring story. Go girl

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