Sup darah menjadi minat orang Vietnam


Raw blood soup.
Tiết canh is a dish made with raw blood of ducks or geese (sometimes pigs), with peanuts and herbs on top. This is the typical protein-rich breakfast of the country people in Northern Vietnam, but is very dangerous because of the H5N1 bird flu virus. This is made by taking fresh blood and sticking it in the fridge to gently congeal. Raw blood soup is a Vietnamese dish which is usually consumed while drinking alcohol and it is one that makes very little effort appeal to the taste buds of the non-Vietnamese diner. Usually you will find a few chopped peanuts scattered on top of your blood but that’s as far as it goes for fanciness. Blood soup has the oddest texture and tastes strangely metallic.

Sup darah mentah (tiết canh di Vietnamadalah hidangan yang dibuat dari darah mentah itik atau angsa (kadang-kadang babi), dengan campuran kacang tanah dan herba.Ini adalah sarapan tipikal rakyat di Utara Vietnam, yang kaya dengan protein tetapi kerajaan cuba untuk menghentikan dan mengharamkan makanan ini kerana ia berisiko tinggi membawa wabak selesema burung.


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