Comelnya!!pelakon-Pelakon Thailand Yang Beragama Islam.

First Name: Savika

Last Name: Chaiyadej
Nickname: Pinky
DOB: June 19th, 1986
POB: Bangkok, Thailand
Religion: Muslim
Current Occupation: Thai Actress
W. Future Occupation: Air Hostess, Business Woman

Name: Also know as Arnut Panich

Nickname: Nat
Profession: Actor
Date of birth: October 12, 1977 (or 2521 B. E.)
Birthplace: Nonthaburi
Height: 186 cm
Star sign: Libra
Hobbies: play sports, play games, and watch movies
Religion: Islam

 Former pra’ek and singer Hugo Chakrapong will convert to Islam in order to marry his long time girlfriend actress Hana Tudsanawalai. The wedding is set for March 21, 2009. They will have a traditional Muslin morning ceremony and the evening reception will be held at the palace Chakrapong, his pad. Her dowry will be a measly 126 baht ($3.60 USD), adhering to the Muslim custom of small dowries. They will have bridal homes in 3 places: New York, England, and Thailand.

As for converting to Islam, no one forced him, he wanted to do it for her.

Pat Napapa not much info. But putus ngan boipren sebab bapak dia nak dia kawen ngan muslim sahajo.

Nana Rybena..Alah sweetnye nama dah mcm ribena... Muslim belah mak.


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